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Ayonnah Tinsley may only be 16 years old, but she's done a lot of meaningful work in a short timeframe. When she was 8-years old she started a travel review company for kids and was featured in several publications including TIME for Kids, Huffington Post and Washington Post. She shares her views of traveling from a kid's perspective and encourages other kids with diverse backgrounds to explore traveling at an early age. As the CEO, she also led her team to win first place in the Junior Achievement Entrepreneurship pitch competition with a fun service to teach kids about financial literacy. She is an inspiration to children in her neighborhood and spends a lot of time volunteering at the local elementary school. 

Ayonnah is currently a sophomore in high school. She is an honor roll student, on the Varsity Track and Field team (qualified for States and Nationals), Student Government Board Member, Spanish Honor Society, BETA Club, and National Honor Society. She won the Athletic Scholar, Biology Honors, and DAR Citizenship awards at her school. She is also a part of the relay that won the 2019 Emerging Elite 4x400m at New Balance Outdoor Nationals. 


In addition, Ayonnah plans to pursue her dreams of being an aerospace engineer and is one of the youngest volunteers at the Smithsonian Air & Space Museum. She shares her passion and teaches kids about spacecraft and the principles of flight. Ayonnah qualified for the Regional Science Fair during her Freshman year by showing the various effects of the wingspan on a model plane. She also volunteers at Women Giving Back, and

Summer Engineering Experience for Kids (SEEK) camp.

Ayonnah has been a presenter at the STEAM conference at London Towne Elementary school for the past five years. Her former teachers invite her back each year because she is such an inspiration to the students and the is passionate about encouraging underrepresented youth and girls to pursue STEM careers. Ayonnah recently published her first book titled, "This is What an Engineer Looks Like" and she donated several copies to her local elementary school. 

In her free time, Ayonnah enjoys reading, traveling the world while blogging about her adventures, playing her instruments, and spending time with her dog, a miniature Eskimo named Ace.