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Le Soufflé

Here is my first post about Paris!!

Le Soufflé was one of my favorite restaurants in Paris!

And I'm pretty sure you can already guess what this restaurant is famous for 😂

Le Soufflé has a wide selection of soufflés whether it is sweet or savory!

There was amazing natural lighting in the restaurant as well! A majority of the restaurants in Paris were very small (yet cozy) establishments so instead of a foyer that you would see in the US, your table can be right next to the front door.

And the bread they had for an appetizer was so good!!

Just look at it!!😍😍 #carboholic

And finally, the soufflé came! The restaurant was about to close to reopen for dinner when we came in so we were worried about the soufflés taking a long time to make, but they came out surprisingly fast.

The service was incredible too! I read that normally the line to go in can wrap around the restaurant so I highly suggest going at off-peak hours. However, if you had to wait in line for this soufflé it would definitely be worth it 😋

Now onto the main course! The soufflé fromage melted in my mouth. It was creamy, you can taste the eggs while at the same time the soufflé was not too eggy. If there was only one thing I would say about the soufflé fromage is that it would have been even better if it had some fresh herbs mixed in or on top to lighten up the dish.

So excited to post the rest of my reviews and pictures from my getaway to Paris! It may have been cold and windy the whole time, but so worth it!

Peace✌🏽 and travel✈️,


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