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2 Trucks Can Make 1 Great Brunch

May 7, 2017

 Food truck #1: District Chicken. What was the one thing on their menu that didn't have meat? Their French fries. Sadly, I am now obsessed with these seasoned, crispy, delicious, and photogenic fries! Usually you eat fries and they are ok, seasoned enough, fresh and hot right out of the fryer. Well, these are seasoned to the maximum. I don't know what spices they uses but I need to put this blend on all of my food! 

Food Truck #2: A Breakfast Truck. Right next door was this little food truck that served fresh breakfast (I was so tempted to get the waffles too) and I got the fresh toast with a Sprite (a healthy breakfast right?). I don't know how but delectable fries, French toast, and a nice cold soda was the perfect street brunch! 





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