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Cook Me Up A Notch's Vegan Cookies!

July 20, 2017

Yea, I know. "It can't be good if it was vegan!" However, have you ever tried vegan desserts? If you had a bad experience you have to order a dozen of Chef Ashalah's vegan cookies for a new perspective! 


I was so excited to receive these cookies and another reason to buy from Ashalah is her packaging!

Seriously it is so professional and cute and completely goals🙌🏽

...and most importantly no cookies were damaged or crumbled from their long journey👌🏽

Okie, now onto the cookies!🍪

 Looooook at these😍😍

 Of course I went the extra mile and brought these very very beautiful holographic paper plates (from Target). 

 My previous experience with vegan desserts were that they were wayyy to soft and a little grainy but these cookies gave vegan desserts a new reputation (at least for me). Honestly I even feel like ingredients such as the vanilla powder really came out in these cookies while I loved! In regular cookies I can never taste the vanilla extract :( 

Last thing about these cookies, on July 16th (last Sunday) was National Ice Cream Day. I had these cookies on hand sooo...🍦

Oh, and the ice cream is limited edition Friendly's Vanilla Pineapple. 🍍

Combined 2 of my favorite things! Cook Me Up A Notch is such an amazing company and not only is the owner a teenager but she is one of the nicest internet friends I have! She has a book that is about to come out so go pre-order it and support her on Instagram! 

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