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My Review on the Surface Pro!

For my birthday one of my gifts was the newest Surface Pro! I normally don't ask for devices as an absolute need but the Surface Pro is different. It's a tablet and computer all in one!! I was seriously debating with myself if I wanted the Surface Pro or the iPad Pro but I finally decided on the Microsoft device. If you have the same situation. It's really based on why you need a tablet/ laptop device. iPad Pro is if you pretty much really want a tablet, and you would get a Surface Pro if you want more of a laptop. And I needed a new laptop! 💻 So I will be listing the pros and cons of my Surface Pro.


  • Keyboard is very easy to detach and reattach

  • The stylus/ pen is very accurate from writing to text

  • Charges relatively fast

  • Surface Pro does not become slow if you use it while charging

  • It's easy to see where all of our open apps and tabs are

  • It uses face recognition and it is actually really accurate (unless you're wearing a facemask!

  • Almost every website is user-friendly with the stylus

  • You use advanced creator apps (like Adobe Illustrator) with a stylus and it makes Everything so much easier

  • In my opinion it is the perfect screen size whether you're working or watching Netflix!

  • Reasonable price given all of its capabilities

  • You can turn on and off "tablet mode" very easily

  • It is very easy to transition from tablet to laptop and taking out the kickstand!


  • Sometimes the on-screen keyboard won't go away (but this is usually when I have every app open so probably makes sense)

  • Does not have a wide selection of apps - there are a lot of apps like GoodNotes 4 that I really want on my Surface Pro but honestly it's more of a laptop so the fact it even has most of the apps I use on my iPad is really great!

  • It only has a port for the micro SD card instead of the regular size (can be found under the kick stand)

  • One place where it will not completely replace a laptop is the flimsiness of the keyboard

  • There are not a lot of accessories that you can put on the Surface Pro such as skins, cases, stylus stickers, etc.

Currently my favorite app to use on the Surface Pro is OneNote and the amazing (and free) wallpaper is from!

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