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Christmas Haul 2017!

I hope everyone had an amazing Christmas and got to eat tons of food, laugh, and get the gifts that they wanted! 🎁

 On this post I want to share all the presents I got for Christmas and I am so thankful for all of them!

 For clothes I got a new pair of basketball short from Nike, a "Support Your Local Hoop" shirt from Nike (I love the words on it😂), a gray knit sweater from Sonoma, a flannel from Hollister, and lastly ripped jeans. Hollister is honestly the only place where I can get jeans where I don't need a belt and the pant legs go all the way down to my ankles! Also, I think flannels are the best because there are so many different outfit combinations that you can make with them.👕👖

Lots of my friends recommended this book to me by Rupi Kaur and I love how much of an activist she is so I cannot wait to start reading!📖

 Now onto makeup! Lipstick is pretty much the only kind of makeup I can properly put on, to be honest. 😅

 The shades I have here are "Elite" from the NYX Cosmic Metals collection and in the back "Whipped Caviar" is one of their matte lipsticks. 

 When I tried this on it actually had undertones of purple and gold glitter! So gorgeous! I probably wouldn't wear this to school but definitely out exploring DC😍

 Whipped caviar has become my new favorite shade! I was first inspired to get it because of a look I saw on Zendaya and when I tried it on it goes with my skin tone so well and I swear it takes a lot for it to be ruined. 👌🏽 💄 

 The rest of the items on this haul are pens (I know right I’m such a nerd😂). These are the Pentel Brush Pens with a flexible point and they are so great! You can control the pen flow easily and (so far) the tips haven’t budged at all from use. All the colors that they come in are so fun and I look forward to bettering my lettering.👏🏽 ✒️

Here is a test using the black pen🖊 

Now onto the Tombow pens! These are the Tombow Fudenosuke pens. 

 From left-to-right are the soft tip, hard tip, and dual brush. 

 This is the soft tip which means that it produces a much bolder pen stroke without apply a lot of pressure to the pen. 

This is the dual brush and it has two colors! Gray and black. I like to use this pen to create shadows in my writing! 

 Here is the hard tip brush and this one is personally my favorite! However, if you wanted to get started in lettering I recommmend the soft tip brush because it’ll be easier to get the thick down stroke and thin upstroke. 

Lastly, my Zebra Midliners!  

 I intend on using this mostly for making really bright and colorful notes because high school is no joke!😅

 Something really cool about these pens also is that they are dual tipped. One side is a regular pen and the other side is a highlighter so 2 in 1! 

 This is my favorite pack of colors! Loving the pastels! 😍😍

I hope everyone liked my first haul and has a great start to 2018! ✨

Peace ✌🏽 and travel ✈️,


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