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Bringing South Africa to Central Florida!

One of my all -time favorite places I have traveled to was to South Africa. I got to see South Africa through a natives perspective with a little bit of tourist attractions. Such as the Nelson Mandel statue in Pretoria or the Apartheid Museum in Soweto. South Africa is so diverse in its culture with art and fashion styles. And an amazing family was able to bring South Africa's (and other countries) unique art to Florida! This breath-taking place is called Bronze Kingdom and will be moving to International Drive in Florida very soon.

Here are my favorite pieces in the gallery:

Also, they have a charismatic staff and one of the ladies that worked here even made me her personal model!

I purchased the blue crop top and blue-yellow wrap-around-skirt. But it was super difficult to decide between getting this two-piece outfit or the lovely dress! I cannot wait to come back here to learn (and buy) so much more!!

One of the coolest features about the museum is that there is a room for people who are interested in buying more of the bigger or more valuable pieces from the gallery.

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