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American Airlines Surprise Party!

Birthday parties normally are not that fun around my birthday because everyone is out of town in July! And this year my 16th birthday was definitely not the one to have a party on since I was traveling a majority of the day (going down to Florida to catch a cruise). But the amazing American Airlines crew of Reagan and Orlando International Airports proved me wrong and brought the party to me!🤩

The first surprise was that one of the monitors by the check-in counter at the airport was programmed to say that it was my 16th birthday which was so awesome! Then I was invited to their exclusive Admirals Club to get a quick snack but was welcomed with a gift bag of my FAVORITE snacks (which means Sour Patch Kids and jalapeño chips🤪), Sweet 16 tiara, and a cool sash that said "birthday girl" on it.

Admiral lounge had a large variety of cheeses, a vegetable soup that tasted just like one of my favorite comfort foods, and soft-warm cookies. They also had this wasabi pea snack that tasted unusually good because the wasabi was not overpowering the rest of the snack mix.

Now it was time to go to the gate where I would board my flight really soon. And this surprise completely caught me off-guard! As I walked I there was music, candy-station, balloons, birthday signs, and even cupcakes put together to spell my name (my name was spelled correctly too!😂). It especially warmed my heart when I got to see little kids faces when they wished me happy birthday and took giant bites out of the cupcakes and went crazy over the large amounts of candy on the table!

My favorite surprise was getting to sit in the cockpit with the pilot and co-pilot. Honestly, I was a little bit nervous stepping into the cockpit because I wanted to ask them good questions about flying an airplane but there are just so many questions I could have asked. The conversation with the pilots was fun and I did not have anything to worry about! I also got to take an insane picture with the pilot's hat.

When it was finally time to board the airplane I received a box of self-care product and gift cards inside of a gorgeous mermaid-themed box that was had my favorite color. I am so excited to try out the sparkling watermelon bath bomb, the color is stunning!

And my final gift greeted me when I got off the plane at Orlando's airport. This bag was filled with really cool candy and new Stranger Things merch!! Season three of Stranger Things made me feel so many emotions so getting the merchandise to my favorite show was amazing. Also, I was given a cake and not only was it delicious it was covered in so many SPRINKLES (rainbow sprinkles might I add).

This was the start of a trip I would never forget and I cannot wait to post more blog posts about Orlando and the Disney Cruise. Shoutout to my mom for planning all of these surprises and managing to actually keep a surprise from me.😂 I would have never believed that I deserved all of the love and gifts on my birthday that I received and I am so blessed!

Peace ✌️ and travel ✈️

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