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Paris in Parc

Parc is a Parisan restaurant located at Rittenhouse Square in Philadelphia.

Now, I am a huge fan of all things carbs (I actually need a shirt that says Carb Queen) and the bread here was delicious! Most restaurants have the butter cold and the bread not warm enough to melt it but no, the bread and butter were both warm to make the perfect appetizer! All bread made at Parc is house made :)

There was also the French Onion soup that had a cheese pull that lasted forever. Soo much cheese but honestly, that can never be a bad thing.

Now, the main course! So picturesque with brioche toast, crispy fries, and crunchy potatoes 😍🍟

No to mention the beautiful, colorful berries and over easy eggs cooked to perfection!🍳

My mom got pancakes and these are no iHop pancakes! 🥞

You can taste the vanilla and they are sweet, fluffy, and don't make you feel gluttony for eating the whole stack!

Lastly, the best milkshake I have ever had. You know those milkshakes that are too thick? Or the ones that don't even really taste their alleged flavor? No, Parc's Vanilla milkshake is creamy, not too thick, not too thin, sweet, and tastes like vanilla (you can even see the little black pieces of vanilla beans!).

The interior of Parc is so authentic with small crowded tables, beautiful tiles, and intricate drapes!

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