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Everything, Everything is Everything!

I recently read Everything, Everything then I saw the movie when it came out!

Usually I would think that the movie can never bring the book justice (exempting the Harry Potter series) but Everything, Everything (the movie) was so amazing and brought out the most important details!

However, if I were to choose which for of entertainment won, I would have to go with the book.

Really, it was the doodles that really won me over. If you didn't know already it was Nicola Yoon's husband that drew them for her!

My favorite part of the book and the movie is the astronaut! I don't really know what it symbolizes but I love the fact that he is always there, it is Maddy's constant in all of her architecture projects and (in the movie) it is shown that the astronaut is always present when she is talking or texting Olly.

But somethings I can't get over about the movie is how amazing Amandla's (the person who portrays Maddy) hair is! It is so curly and manageable and I need to know what she uses in her hair!

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Final Synopsis:

Madeline (Maddy) Whittier is a 18-year-old girl who has never been outside. Something called SKID has prevented her from going to school, enjoying the park, and basically doing anything that requires leaving her house. If she leaves her and her mom believes she will die. There is no known cure so it is a terminal disease. Maddy's life is very routine with insignificant differences. That is, until Olly moves in right next door. She tries not to get too invested in him because of past experiences. However, Maddy will die if she leaves her house but it will kill her if she never sees Olly face-to-face! I highly recommend reading this book and after doing that watch the movie. 📖

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