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Art with some Tech in a House!

DC is famous for their collections of not only museums but art galleries too!

The ARTECHOUSE is so amazing!! Not only does it channel my dark soul (haha just kidding) it uses technological application to create gorgeously trippy exhibits.

Everything (with words here mostly) is like a metaphor. When you blow or snap your fingers into the sensor the words pop up! The figurative language here actually makes more sense in their dance moves, and I will explain this more later!

So yea this says the title of each art piece, what mediums they used, and these students used most of the pieces in the museum as their dance routine! Talk about creative!

This wall was really really cool because wherever your body was/ where it moved the black dots would move away making this cool picture!

This was my favorite part of the museum!

Still can't believe I was actually serious in this picture!😂

But look at my sunglass tho 😍😍

Model status 🤔

K, so here is a really cool tip. Bring reflective sunglasses so you can take really cool pictures like these! The sunglasses pictured are part of Converse's eyewear collection😎

And lastly, if you had trouble finding this small exhibit its downstairs, so I guess its their basement?? I don't know, but make sure you also get their when no one else is there so you can take some awesomely extra pics 📸

This exhibit is the perfect place to go with friends because of how fun it is and interactive! BUT here is something that they don't tell you. They recommend buying your tickets online so it is very rare that they will let you buy tickets there. For some reason my mom and I got really lucky!😂

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