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8 Restaurants, 2 Days (NYC Part 1!)

So in celebration for National New York Day I am finally posting about my NYC foodie adventures! High came and hit me hard, with like homework and remembering how to be responsible. I don't know why but I actually thought it couldn't be harder than middle school...

But boy was I wrong!!

Anyways, finally posting this and I hope you enjoy all of the BEAUTIFUL restaurants and eateries I went to for the last days of summer break!


First, Union Fare

Tip: When you go inside of this Union Fare and you want a full on breakfast go to the big opening in the middle of the cafe because that is where more flavors of croissants are, and more drinks, breakfast sandwiches, etc!

Second, ChaChaMatcha!

Tip: They literally do not accept cash so make sure you bring a credit card!

Third, Spaghetti Incident

Tip: If you order a cone you have to order it to go. So if you want to still eat inside, order an Arancini then at the end get your cone to go!

Fourth, Los Tacos No. 1

Tip: Los Tacos is a pretty busy place, like all the time, so if you want to take your food on the go without it loosing its heat, use the aluminum foil sheets they have at the front! This is so smart can every place be like this 😂

Four down, four to go! Stay tuned for part 2!

Peace ✌🏽 and travel ✈️

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