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Wild Wild Berry Pancakes and Cafe

First restaurant in Chicago!! Wild Berry Pancakes and Cafe 😍 This establishment is inside of a really cool center to relax with awesome chairs and a whole digital mural that changed color!

My breakfast was perfect. LOOK AT THIS GORGEOUSNESS!!! Icing on cinnamon bun flavored pancakes 🥞 🥞

I just got hypnotized from this hybrid breakfast 😍 I actually got a sugar high just looking at it!

They were fluffy, sweet, had a nice creamy texture with the icing and spiciness with the cinnamon and everything nice 😋

To offset the insane sugariness I got a side of crispy hash browns 🥔 Fun fact, hash browns or any version of breakfast potatoes are my favorite way to eat potatoes!

The drinks were great too! From left to right we got were strawberry, mango, and kiwi flavored lemonade 🍋 . I got the mango lemonade and don't let looks fool you 👀 I thought it wouldn't taste that much like mango because of lack of its pretty yellow-orangey color but it tasted like fresh mango!! Not even a syrup but natural mango juice and it was sooo good! :)

Finally, these are their signature pancakes! The "Signature Berry Bliss Pancakes" are what my mom got. They taste fruity, fluffy, and the berries add nice acidity to combat the sweetness :)

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