Food in Chi Town!

So here are the 3 places that I ate at in Chicago! Next time I go back, I am definitely eating at all 3 again! 😍

FireCakes Donuts

My first review will be on Fire Cakes! 🍩

Awesome place to go to for breakfast and it is very close to the Magnificent Mile. I recommend walking on this particular mile because all along it are stores, restaurants, and (my personal favorite) there are all of these festooned police dog sculptures that come in all different colors and designs! 🐶

Okie, now on to the donuts. The display was so pretty and it took my such a long time to figure out which donut I wanted! Just look at all of those options 😋😻

But in the end I settled for the Seasonal Apple Fritter and it was honestly better than an apple pie! It was warm, the outside was crunchy while the inside was soft and moist (texture on point 👌🏾), and look at those caramel colors 😍😍😍

Haha and of course, you know for blogging reasons, I had to get another donut.😂 This one was the Butterscotch Praline! A butterscotch filling with praline sprinkled on top made this such a decadent donut. So excited to comeback to try more donuts! 🍩🍩



This place is literally an eatery that is all about soup, and I am here for it!!! Honestly we need more restaurants that specialize on the amazing creation that is soup.

Also, the service here is incredible! So here is a tip, if you smile then you get an extra add in! Do not waste this opportunity!! For my soup I got the Fresh Broccoli and White Cheddar soup with no add-ins (plain Jane 💁🏽) and in a bread bowl.

Yes, carbs inside of soup with a little carb on the side. And it was delicious!! The soup smelled so good, was vegetarian, went perfectly with the sourdough, and tastes even better if you add garlic salt from their complimentary spice rack 🌶️

And with this soda I have a whole new respect for blood oranges, so refreshing! 🍹Soupbox is such an awesome and vegetarian-friendly restaurant with amazing service with a wide variety of soup and sandwiches! 🥄🥙



Now, last but certainly not least, Giordano's!

A few years ago on YaYaStars I actually posted a picture of their pizza saying how much I want to go here someday, and this day happened! Talk about dreams coming true 😍🍕

So now I will explain what we have there. We have their cheese deep dish pizza with a cheese pull longer than my attention span 😂 My favorite part however, was the crust. It was so flaky! You have this nice light crust and then you get hit with a very savory sauce with a mountain of cheese following it. It was a pretty awesome experience that I recommend you you should go through too! But the only downside is how long it takes to make this masterpiece. So ordering their wings (my family said they were amazing!) or another appetizer to tie you down would be a good idea!

I hope you enjoyed these 3 reviews! Peace ✌🏽and travel ✈️

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