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That Bartaco Life

Me excited that I am finally eating at Bartaco!! 🌮🌮 I have been wanting to review this place for so long!

From left to right: chicken taco, cauliflower taco, and scrimp "banh mi" taco. My mom can report that the chicken and bahn mi tacos were both fresh, light, and super tasty😂

I also got the mushroom mole tamale to accompany my taco was very delicious 😋 The only thing is I wish there were more of the black beans and mole sauce in the tamale because it added a good amount of moisture to the dense (but still yummy) masa. However, the cauliflower taco had an excellent and spicy romesco (garlic, nut, and pepper sauce) that went great with the roasted cauliflower. 🌶

For my drink I got a Sipp Sparkling Organics in the flavor mojo berry 🍓Not only was it refreshing but it had such a nice flavor for a sparkling drink 🍹

Last but definitely not least was my dessert😍

This is the Spiced Chocolate Pudding and it is far from the Jell-O pudding but still so decadent! The whipped cream and spiced oats were my favorite part of this dessert because they worked together texture wise. The whipped cream made the dessert light and creamy while the crispy oats added a very needed crunch. I also loved that it was served in a really cute jar! 🍫 Overall, I can't wait to go back to Bartaco to try more of their vegetarian tacos!

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