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Holidays at CityCenter

I had an amazing time at CityCenterDC once again because of their new wintry holiday display!

The Chrismas tree was breathtaking😍 Photo hack: have your photographer stand on one of the random little platforms scattered around the tree to get a better full body shot. In addition, you can see more of the tree! 🎄

In the shopping section of CityCenter, they hung intricate and very contemporary cutouts of snowflakes with twinkling lights surrounding😍✨❄️

I am so happy with how all the pictures came out! Especially since it was at night so you already know that the struggle was real trying to get this lighting. 😂

Outfit details: 👗

Shirt: Forever 21

Necklace: Forever 21

Knee socks: Target

Knee Boots: DSW

I tried to do one of the those jumping-in-the-air pictures, but apparently my boots didn't get the memo to show up clear 😩😂

But guys, one of Santa's reindeer came early and he was pretty lit (haha literally)! 🎅🏾💡

Not only did CityCenter put on a show. Louis Vuitton and other stores put up such eye-catching displays! 👜😄

Oh Christmas tree, oh Chrismas tree, how can you be so pretty!😍😍

And to end the night sweetly, I stopped by Rare Sweets to get one of their seasonal cakes. This one is their apple spice cake and I wish I got the whole cake now! Even the frosting was delicious! Not dense, or taste like cardboard. I even tasted some spices in there! The cake was light and the apple filling added it's own sweetness however, the cake wasn't over sweetened. 🍰😋

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