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Eating at Ocha!

Ocha Thai Kitchen and Cafe. It new, has trendy and delicious food, and the inside is so picturesque, it's starting to become one of my favorite restaurants! 😍

All of these plates are so unique and pretty!

I have always wanted to DIY these succulent terrarium for my room 😍🌵

For my drink I got their soda splash. The juice at the bottom is passionfruit topped off with club soda. I loved that they served drinks in mason jars just because of how cute it is!

For appetizers crispy spring rolls were ordered and were amazing especially with the tangy sauce that came with. 😋

Finally, the main course!🍚🍍This is the pineapple fried-rice. So it is perfectly cooked fried-rice with all of the veggie fixins plus with pineapple chunks. If you don't like pineapples with your pizza then you are sure to like this!

The pineapple added acidity and sweetness along with adding more texture to the dish. The only suggestion I would make is to cute the pineapple smaller so there can be more of it throughout the rice.

Looking at the menu of this place I had to get dessert! They had so much more like mango with sticky rice as a smoothie, brownie bomb dessert smoothie, cream cheese teas, and so much more. But for today, I decided to go with the ice cream puffs.

The pâte à choux was baked well with crispy exterior and fluffy interior. The cream puffs were filled with just enough ice cream so barely any spilled out when you take a bite! But the aspect that tied this all together was the shiny, delicious chocolate ganache. 🍫🍦

I am so excited to come back (to order more dessert)!!

Peace✌🏽 and Travel!✈️

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