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My First Restaurant... in New Orleans!

Right after our whole group checked into our hotel we went straight to lunch! There was this little restaurant called Dress It right across the street and if you live in Virginia, you can think of it as a Foster's Grille ... except Foster's doesn't have veggie burgers :((

So this is what the menu looked like and as you can see I ordered a veggie burger with sprouts, cheddar, tomatoes, red onion, and a side of some tater tots!!

I was so excited to get my food (especially the tots) but it took sooo long for my food to get to my table! But, I don't blame the restaurant! At one time 32 students (plus teachers) pile into a restaurant at once. However, when I got my food a photo shoot began ;)

The burger was so great because not only was it fresh but filling. The veggie patty was flavorful and didn't break apart! It was like a salad (I enjoyed eating) with bread!

Now onto the tots! They were hot, golden, and crispy! Delicious, actually had a lot of potato in it, and there were soo many (I even shared!). Plus, the spiral cup-thing it came in was really cool.

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