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A Day in DC - part 1!

Third Time is the Charm at the Hirshhorn Museum!

Yes, three times before I got tickets to go to Yayoi Kusama's famous exhibit! I have done my research (yes, overachiever status) and about 71,000 people try to get tickets while there are only about 7,000 tickets available. These tickets run out fast so I am very grateful for this beautiful and colorful opportunity!

I am pretty sure you were not ready for how mesmerizing, complex, and colorful you thought Kusama's exhibit was going to be!

But wait, there is more! Now here is a big note of advice, if you ever have the opportunity to come to this exhibition there are little stations with these mirrored images that you can see through this little hole. Now here is why this is such a big time saver, there are bigger structures where you walk inside and get a glimpse of a much larger and realistic version of the sculpture, lights, or theme of that room and these sounded awesome until my mom and I found out that we have waited in line for more than 30 minutes!

I know that may not seem like that much but... we don't do lines. No matter how long we played on our phones, read, or try to kill the time we just do not have the physical or mental to wait that long! So we took a different way. The smaller structures mentioned earlier had no lines. The most we waited was for 1 person! So here is a lesson, one thing might be popular but something else just as cool as the other attraction can be rewarded with less wait :)

I don't know why I have never seen anyone post about this room before so here it is! It reminds me of a cell I learned about at school before but I wanted to touch it so badly (at the sometime I didn't feel like being kicked out of a museum)!

The exhibition continued with more very abstract sculptures that all just seemed to work together to create this gorgeous collection! The patterns correspond with the canvases of shapes behind it and the whole scene is killer!

The room with the huge pink "beach balls" was my second favorite exhibition room. The second picture in this post was there smaller version of the infinity room and I am so happy with how beautiful the video for it came out (my latest YouTube video)!

Yes the Obliteration Room (AKA the "polka dot room") is now one of the best places to be extra in Washington DC. So enjoy some of my extra-ness ;)


Climate Change

Believe it or not but this is the second time that I come to Washington DC to find a gigantic protest!

The last one I went to was on Earth Day. There were so many unique signs symbolizing how worried everyone was about climate change and the lack of action behind it!

And don't worry, I asked permission to take a picture of his shirt

✌Peace and Travel!✈


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